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Aymen Saleem Trolled for Bare legs Dress

Gorgeous Pakistani actress Aymen Saleem made her acting debut in Chupke Chupke, a popular Ramadan special drama, where she played Mishi. The audience has taken notice of her due to her attractive looks and faultless natural acting. Her on-screen union with Arsalan Naseer was adored by viewers. She also appeared in Arsalan Naseer’s drama Paristan on Hum TV.
Aymen Saleem is a brave and knowledgeable performer. She completed her education in the USA, where she has also resided. Actor Aymen Saleem is incredibly stylish. She adores wearing western-style clothing. Once more, the actress was photographed sporting a stunning Zara shirt and Chloe footwear. Check out her photographs.




AyAlthough the actress was attractive, Pakistani fans disapproved of her baring her legs in public. They claimed that Pakistani actresses are becoming more and more bold and offensive when travelling abroad and that these famous people are losing touch with their culture. A handful of her supporters also made fun of her, joking that she had forgotten to wear the bottom of the dress. They made fun of her for having too skinny legs as well. According to a Facebook user, “Every star of Pakistan wants to take off their clothes like Indian celebrities do, but they are afraid of being mocked and of Pakistani people’s reaction, so they only do so when they travel to other nations where their wishes can be readily fulfilled. They are afraid of individuals but not of Islam.

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