Minna Tariq’s Dreamy Vacations In Singapore With Husband

Young and seductive Minna Tariq is a Pakistani actress best known for playing Sana Javed’s sidekick in the drama series “Ruswai.” Rubina Ashraf, a senior and renowned Pakistani actress who has worked in show business for many years, is the mother of Minna. Despite playing a supporting role in a few serials, Minna was able

Jannat Amin Khan Hot and Sizzling Photos

The Karachi-based model has amassed thousands of followers on Instagram which is adorned with her beautiful and bold looks. For the past few months, several videos have gone viral on social media. It has become a natural thing for these kinds of stuff to gain attention from the netizens. Everyone seems to be talking about

Rabya Kulsoom All Set to Make Her Big Screen Debut with “Gawah Rehna”

The talented young actress Rabya Kulsoom after proving her mettle on the small screen is all set to take over the big screens with her debut movie ‘Gawah Rehna.’ Gawah Rehna is set in the 1920s, against the backdrop of the Khilafat Movement, which was led by the Muslims of South Asia, before Pakistan came

New Designs for Pakistani Mehndi Dresses

In case if you were too busy at Eid parties and have forgotten about the wedding season that is just knocking at your doorsteps, then do not worry we are sharing with you New Designs for Pakistani Mehndi Dresses which will be the upcoming hottest designs of this year wedding season. As well all know that Mehndi

Pakistani Fashion Model and Actress Mahira Khan Biography

Pakistani Model and famous actress Mahira Khan tops the list of the currently most beautiful and attractive girls present in the country. Due to her charm and charismatic personality, many people are interested in reading Pakistani Model Mahira Khan Biography. Here it is for all those who like the Mahira Khan. The famous Pakistani Fashion

Here Are 7 Most Beautiful Pakistani Girls

Most beautiful Pakistani girls style, beauty and confidence have super-passes the desi girls on subcontinent. Pakistani girls have strongly put their foothold on the international market and all eyes are look at them. It’s true that Pakistan is failing to provide a good quality of life to its citizens. Especially girls who’re fighting for their

10 Reasons Why Delhi Girls Are Totally Awesome

10 Reasons Why Delhi Girls Are Totally Awesome Today I have read about Delhi girls and I decide to share some of my own experiences with such beautiful girls in Delhi. If you want to see desi girls pure Indian beauty, go to New Delhi and enjoy. Delhi girls dress well and they are presentable.

Meet Beautiful Bengali Girl Actress Mridula Vijay

I know you guys are loving Bengali girl, and seeking true friendship with hot Bangladeshi girls. I would like to introduce one of Bengal beauty from Film industry, because she deserve to be liked and appreciate. Meet Beautiful Bengali Girl Actress Mridula Vijay That Bengali actress is Mridula Vijay. Yes! you must know her if

Meet Beautiful Dhaka Girls from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka girls are pure desi beauty of Bangladesh. As Dhaka is capital of Bangladesh, all kind of desi people living their life in the city. Desi girls have freedom of life. They can study in higher educational institutes, do jobs, play games and can dance in parties. Meet Beautiful Dhaka Girls from University of Dhaka

Why Being Good Looking Is Not Enough To Date Bangalore Girls

Bangalore officially known as Bengaluru is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. Bangalore is a city of Technology in India. Its connected to silicon valley. Indian girls most likely wants their dream jobs in IT companies and call centers which are located in Bangalore. Natasha is technology lover, investor and entrepreneur. She is