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Meet Beautiful Bengali Girl Actress Mridula Vijay

I know you guys are loving Bengali girl, and seeking true friendship with hot Bangladeshi girls. I would like to introduce one of Bengal beauty from Film industry, because she deserve to be liked and appreciate.

Bengali Girl

Meet Beautiful Bengali Girl Actress Mridula Vijay

That Bengali actress is Mridula Vijay. Yes! you must know her if you are in love with Bangladeshi film industry. She is a well-known film and television actress part of Malayalam & Tamil entertainment industry. Maridula is known for the television series, Krishna Thulasi where she is working as protagonist.

I have find out some real life photos of this bengali girl. You must be amazed to look at them as she is really hot super model and actress. Lot of loving fans of Mridula Vijay are waiting to meet her.

Bengali Girl


When she was young, she always wanted to become an actress and she got full support from her mother. In starting of her career, she acted in a Malayalam short film but that could get finish. But due to that incomplete short film snapshots gave her an opportunity in Tamil movies. That’s how she got her first film “Jeniffer Karuppaiya’ at the age of 15.


Bengali Girl

Bengali Girl  Bengali Girl

As soon as she participated in different television dramas which lead her to the film industry. She got offers from Malayalam film industry and the movie “Celebrations” marked her Malayalam film debut in a lead role, and due to this she got more offers from Malayalam film producers.

She was very hard working begnali girl, so as being desi hot girl from Bangladesh, she got lot of hurdles in life, lot of criticism she had face. Apart from problems, she never compromised on quality of performance and honesty with her character.

She got into television serials due her mother addiction of watching television soaps. In fact she lost the opportunity to participate in Krishna Tulasi serial. But in her third attempt she got selected, and now she is acting as a lead role in Krishna Tulasi drama. You guys must love her and meet her if you are around Malayalam or Tamil film industry.


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Meet Beautiful Dhaka Girls from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka girls are pure desi beauty of Bangladesh. As Dhaka is capital of Bangladesh, all kind of desi people living their life in the city. Desi girls have freedom of life. They can study in higher educational institutes, do jobs, play games and can dance in parties.

Meet Beautiful Dhaka Girls from University of Dhaka

Dhaka girls

Dhaka city main university is The University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. This university is the oldest university in modern Bangladesh. The university is ranked number one on the Bangladesh University Ranking.

Bengali aunties and Dhaka girls are living on edge in Bangladeshi society. As a progressing country, Bangladesh is divided into two major societies, modern and conservative. Liberals and modern Bengali girls are free to choose their life partners and they have freedom of speech.

While conservative part of Bangladesh is scary. Where women, desi girls are not able to live on their own choices. Can’t listen music loudly, can’t dance on the streets. Even can not date with boyfriend. Having boyfriend is a crime in this society, and girls are being married with old age men.

Dhaka girls

This shit is happening not only in Dhaka, all other small villages of Bangladesh due to religious societies which force desi girls to live under men rules.

Well, let me come to the point, majority of beautiful and hot Dhaka Girls found in University of Dhaka. I lived in Dhaka for 6 months and one of these beautiful Bangladesh girls have stolen my heart.

Dhaka girls

If you guys are looking for such desi beauty of Bangladesh, you must visit Dhaka. If you are not in this region, then you must try to find online dating sites to meet hot Bengali girls.

Another way to hang on with Dhaka girls, call them on whatsapp. Whatsapp number of Dhaka girls are available and easy to reach through google search.  I will also try to grab some of Bangladeshi girls mobile numbers, so you guys can be good friends with Dhaka girls.




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Why Being Good Looking Is Not Enough To Date Bangalore Girls

Bangalore officially known as Bengaluru is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. Bangalore is a city of Technology in India. Its connected to silicon valley. Indian girls most likely wants their dream jobs in IT companies and call centers which are located in Bangalore.

Date Bangalore Girls

Natasha is technology lover, investor and entrepreneur. She is running her own software company in Bangalore city. Karnataka is a state where many village girls born to die. Every single desi girl admire to have job, good lifestyle.

We are living in modern age where freedom of speech a right. But in villages many Indian girls are unable to fight for their basic rights, even do not allowed to get jobs in high tech companies like Natasha is running in Bangalore.

Many Indian girls want more education and want marriage after getting good job. Boyfriend always want a rich and pretty girl with good heart but a women wants freedom, love, care and money in life.

Date Bangalore Girls

Recently Natasha has decided to hire more Bangalore Girls in her company and make their future bright by giving them high paying opportunities.

Nastasha herself is single, super hot desi girl, self made lady. She has been looking a perfect technology guy, who can live with her on living basis. As being beautiful desi girl she won’t like to get marry yet with her boyfriend, because her ambition and future plans are not allowing him to get marry.

You guys may can contact her with your technology background, or you must be good tech related investor, she would love to meet you online or you can chat with her at any platform.



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Beautiful Quetta Girl Living Experience in Ziarat

Tehmina Zaman Khan is the student in Quetta at University of Balochistan. The University of Balochistan is the oldest educational Institution of higher education. She lives in Ziarat and she likes to celebrates her birthday in Ziaratt every year.

Quetta Girl

Ziarat is also known as the Juniper Valley. The name Ziarat means ‘Shrine’. Juniper Forests is well known forest in the region.

A local saint, Kharwari Baba is believed to have rested in the valley and blessed it. After his death, he was buried here. People visit the saint’s shrine, which is 10 KM by jeep from Ziarat town.

Ziarat is situated 133 kms from Quetta in the province of Baluchistan at an altitude of 2449m above the sea level. Ziarat is a hill station in the Sibi district of the province of Baluchistan. It remains quite cool during summer and receives enough snowfall during the winter.

Light woolen clothing for the summer and heavy for the winter are recommended. Ziarat is a holiday resort in the Sibi district amidst one of the largest and oldest juniper forests in the world. It is said that some of the juniper trees are as old as 5,000 years. Ziarat and the Juniper valleys around offer good opportunity of trekking and hiking.

About Quetta Girl

Quetta Girl

Tehmina Zaman Khan is beautiful local desi girl in town. She is clear picture of Pakistani beauty. She belongs from Ziarat (Balochistan). This photo is taken in her university. So she had to celebrate her birthday in university. This article refers to her past memories and joys of living in Ziarat, Pakistan.